Been using npm, can't make brackets work now


Since npm compiles everything (from what i understand), if i make changes using brackets and use its local server, the changes are not applied. How can i make it work?


NPM is a packager, it does not do anything other than downloading packages or run scripts. Since you thought “npm compiles everything”, its likely you are just making npm to run some scripts, probably some bundling tools like Webpack or Parcel. If you are actually using these instead, you shouldn’t use Bracket’s live server (if its the editor you referring to) as Webpack and Parcel has its own server to serve your webpage.


Thank you for replying!
But if i want to start using brackets, how should proceed?


I not sure what npm commands/scripts you have. But I like mentioned if you are using Webpack or Parcel, you are likely using their Hot Module Replacement which is not compatible with the editor’s live server, you simply just copy paste the link (ie localhost:1234) they provided to the browser. If you don’t see any links or not even use any npm related commands, I believe the issue is something different from “using npm”.