Cannot post new topics

I tried posting a new topic but then it never showed up.

Hello. I’m totally new to Phaser. I only joined this blog because I need help. Now I need help using the blog too!!! I can’t find out how to post my question, so I have replied to this one instead. My question is this: I can’t even download Phaser. Everything I try fails. The beginner guides don’t seem to include information on this first essential step. I am stuck before even beginning and am further frustrated in not being able to post a question about it. Is Phaser for real? I just get error messages when trying to download it. Sorry, I just don’t get it.

easiest way might to get in touch with git and github - clone a phaser3-boilerplate then run npm install - after this step npm run dev - and things should clear up a little.

most repos should have a readme contained where the steps needed to lift off are explained