Cant rotate with pointer while input keyboard other than cursors

Hi there.

i’m struggly with the input manager and the options to have custom keys and also use the pointer to rotate my player…

if i use “createCursorKeys” i also can use the pointer position to rotate my player while moving.
if i use “addKeys” i cant rotate as long as my key is down…

I tried the “enableCapture” option but this dosnt help…

here is a fiddle to test it:
Phaser 3 Fiddle for moving and rotating

if u uncomment line 52 (//cursors = this.input.keyboard.addKeys(‘W,A,S,D’):wink: u can use wasd for moving, but u will lose rotation while moving…

how can i get both at the same time working :slight_smile:


I just tried this and it worked correctly.

ok? so its only me? if u hit “W” and “A” and then try also to rotate it’s working? :slight_smile: For me only works if i activete the cursorkeys… :frowning:


Ok, i’ve just tested it on a other maschine and it works for me too… So it seems to be related to my laptop and touchpad :frowning:
All this researching and lost time… only because of this hardware issue ^^

Thx for testing and feedback!

Laptops will often disable the touchpad while you’re typing (or well, pressing letter keys in general). Check your OS settings, there might be a way to turn that off.

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