Client rendering from authoritative server

Hi there. I’m working on a real-time multiplayer game using phaser 3, nodejs,, Development was going just fine until I considered how players could easily cheat via the client-side code. As such, I’d like to move the physics to server-side. I heard about running phaser 3 in headless mode. I am looking for a starting point for that transition.

Is there someone that could supply me a basic example of setup code that shows the client rendering the information it gets from the server? There are a few multiplayer games floating around this discourse which I did take a look at but unfortunately I learn by doing and am looking for a basic setup example of a client rendering the changes that the server sends. Thank you.

This is a very helpful tutorial that got me started on making my multiplayer game with an authoritative server. :slight_smile:

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Actually, this might be what I’m looking for. Let me take a look and let you know, thank you. Yeah this looks like a great example of what I’m looking for. Thank you!

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No problem! It sounded like everything you needed, you just need to adjust the code to your game. If you have any questions about the tutorial let me know. I know theres one error in part 2 where you add datauri because they changed the syntax in the latest version of it. I’ll post the solution when I open my game up again. My game is entirely different from the tutorial so I’ve had to play around with it a lot so far. I plan on making a very in depth video on this on YouTube when I finish my game.

Okay, so instead of

const Datauri = require('datauri');

const datauri = new Datauri();

replace that with

const DatauriParser = require("datauri/parser");

const parser = new DatauriParser();

in the index.js or whatever you call your server file to work with datauri 3.0.0 :slight_smile:

Word, thanks man. I will be sure to make that change.