How do I run the game while programming it?

I want to run index.html but the blank page appears

You must use a local server:

What do you recommend me? Is there a video on youtube that explains it? These things put me off when I start

Installl node.js on your computer:

git clone
cd phaser3-project-template
npm start

A page will open on chrome, and when you modify a file in the src folder, chrome auto reload


The video @samme shared got me to my ideal setup with to develop and build Phaser apps. When I teach programming I usually install Brackets text editor with my students. It easy to use, lightweight and comes with a live preview button out of the box. With one click, your game will be updated as you develop it.

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+1 for Brackets. Not only is it great for Phaser, it is great for use for all kinds of JS, HTML, and CSS programming.