How to install Phaser in Linux?


Hi. As you will see, I am new to the site. I want to start creating a game, and I was advised by Phaser.
I work with Linux, Ubuntu.
What are the steps to follow to start working with Phaser?

Thank you.


You don’t need to install phaser. phaser is just a JavaScript file. You can use npm or manually download or use cdn. Also you can use gulp or webpack. Just search for a project setup in github. there’s a lot of it.


Thanks for your quick response. Understand that I am new and did not know where to ask.
If it is not the right place to ask this, you tell me. I just want to start creating things with Phaser, I’ve read about the engine, and I want to try it.
Should I put everything in a folder?
I mean, that all the projects I do can I put them in a folder, where I can also create the server and not do it globally?
What is better to learn: Phaser 2 or Phaser 3?
Maybe clone all the Phaser repository on GitHub and thus have access to all the examples and add-ons that are in Phaser.
I think the server will do it with Node.js, which is what I did most until now.
Thanks again for your support.
A greeting.


Did you read this? This is a great starting point:

This one for Phaser 2, which in my opinion is easier to learn, but I haven’t checked out Phaser 3 for a while so take that into account.