Local To Local?


Are there local to local, global to local, or even local to global methods? I’m not seeing them anywhere in the API docs, if not whats the best work around?


Sorry to bump this, but these functions are quite handy dandy :slight_smile:


Sorry I am not really following what you mean.


Something like this: https://createjs.com/tutorials/HitTest/

Another example, imagine: a container (with a depth of 0) with multiple draggable sprites, and another container at a higher depth (of 1) that can have multiple draggable sprites as well. If a user wants to start dragging the items from one container to the next, that sprite will need to jump out its parent container to follow the mouse around the stage, to be placed inside the other container holding its sprites.

Furthermore, the container that holds the sprites could be a container holding containers holding the sprites. Hopefully this makes for what I’m looking for.