Looking for advice on building my first game

Hey all, I’m trying to learn programming by building something I’m passionate about. The hardest part though is figuring out how to get started. I have an idea for a “gamification layer for the entire web” (pretty ambitious lol) and I figured I could start simple by building a semi-idle game that operates in the background of whatever task you’re doing on the internet. Example: Your character periodically encounters enemies, gaining experience and items for as long as the session is happening. I’m very intrigued by an old game called MUD and am inspired by that sort of thing here.

Are there any resources out there that would be good for someone just starting out? I’ve laid out how the game mechanisms interact and have an idea for the general flow. Im going to initially use open sourced art.

I figure the easiest way to get started is to build an idle game, build an inventory, and to learn about RPG/MMORPG framework. That being said… it’s hard to find those resources!

I’m willing to share more about the game, but it’s a huge undertaking so I’ve got to figure out how to take it a spoonful at a time. Looking forward to any and all advice. Thanks!

Start with Getting Started with Phaser 3: Part 1 - Introduction - Learn - Phaser,
then Making your first Phaser 3 game: Part 1 - Introduction - Learn - Phaser,
and then something like GitHub - ourcade/phaser3-dungeon-crawler-starter: A starter project for creating a Dungeon Crawler with Phaser 3