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Hey y’all,

so I wrote a thread in “Examples” the other day and it said that this post has to be reviewed, before it will be listed. But today I could not find any hint of this. Neither a message or a listing of all my pending posts, that’s why I thought maybe something did go wrong. So I created the thread again and got the message “You have 2 pending posts”.

So maybe I’m just blind…but is there any list of my pending posts? I don’t want to rush any mod or admin. It just would feel better if I could see that these threads are indeed there, just not reviewed yet.

Best regards


I’m having the same concern. Created my thread twice as I thought it was lost, I have 2 pending posts too and can’t find a list for it. Even 3 pending posts now, I tried to reply to another topic to help someone, it needs to be approved too.

I don’t want to rush mods either, but I’d like to be able to interact on the Phaser 3 forums.

Was away, sorry.

I don’t know about the pending list, but maybe check your Activity tab.

Thanks samme, all good. :grinning:

Activity tab doesn’t show the pending posts, I don’t think there’s a way to see them. Although when visiting a topic where you have a pending reply, you can see it there. But nothing for pending new topics I guess.

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