Phaser 2 examples are not clearly marked on Google

Hey there! I’ve been digging into Phaser 3 a lot lately, which obviously results in googling examples of how to do things. Say I’m looking for an example of a tilemap. I google “Phaser 3 tilemap example”. The third result is this:

This is a link to Phaser 2 examples. I suspect this is because every single Phaser 2 example has the phrase “Phaser 3” on the bottom, with a link to the new examples. This would be so much less frustrating if the title of these pages said “Phaser 2” instead of “Phaser”. I would know not to click on them and wouldn’t get tricked over and over again thinking the example will help only to open it and see the now familiar Phaser 2 layout, haha. I know SEO is important and it’s great that the examples are so high up. I would just like you to edit your titles or SEO description to note that they’re examples for Phaser 2 specifically, so I know not to click them since I’m not working with Phaser 2. Thanks for your consideration!

+1, this annoys me every. single. search. :rofl: