[Phaser 3] Waterworks!

Can you help provide the medieval town of Grudziądz with water?


Waterworks! is a short strategy/card game about water supply in a medieval town. You manage your deck, craft new cards by constructing new buildings, hire water carts and place wells to make sure all houses in town have enough water!

The game is 100% free!

You can play it here: https://scriptwelder.itch.io/waterworks :european_castle:

A couple of screenshots:

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This is a lot of fun! Plus its great that its also educational!

Thanks for sharing!

Hey! Good music/fx, ambience, graphics, animations, UI & UX, … very neat all and engaging.

Really really nice. Great work!

PS: Just curious about one thing, how did you test all the user difficulties to adjust it quite nice? Many time and testers?

some experience in game making + a lot of time and testers :smiley:

I thought the pacing was pretty dead on, at least for normal mode. I was always getting close to being overwhelmed by negative stars when new water providers would show up.