[Phaser 3 - WIP] - kayaking game

Hello there,

I have been working on a kayaking game during lockdown. It also allowed me to explore the potential of phaser 3. Development is slowing down but game has enough content to show.

The game is hosted there:


Hello, nice different game idea and looks quite difficult to me…
Friendly feedback here: I played in Chrome, in my Firefox is not working after you enter a name and click [Create] button, in browser console you can see “uncaught exception: Object”.

thx for the feedback! I tested on chrome and edge so far. For firefox, it might be caused by the indexed DB library.
Regarding difficulty, I guess it is less accessible if you don’t have the basics regarding kayaking indeed. I will see if I can work on some tutorial. If you go to options, you can also enable visual current which will show you the water’s direction explicitly (movement vectors)