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Princess Cheongsam Shanghai Fashion - Princess Fashion Dress Up Games

Game Link : https://cutedressup.com/princess-cheongsam-shanghai-fashion/

Princesses want to play and enjoy their time, making cute dress up styles. Being BFFs forever, they have tried all possible outfits. Curiosity helps them to think past current century. As they grace through history, they decide to adopt Cheongsam Shanghai Fashion. Anna and Elsa finally land up on interesting dressup costumes in Qing-style stops , modern Qipao with high-slit cuts & mini dress. Help them choose the right color, dresses and present them in majestic imperial fashion.
#princess #fashion #dressup #cutedressup #roleplaying #cheongsam

This game developed using phaser framework. Play the game and let us know for any feedback and suggestion.
We are happy to receive your suggestion and feedback to improve us.



Hi, nice example using Phaser : )
Friendly feedbacck: final photo/screenshot is downloaded/saved without file extension

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Thanks @Darko. Will consider your feedback and workout in feature games :blush:

Perhaps a “Picture Photo” Snap-shot, or a fashion catalog would be the next steps???

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