"Getting Started" info is super outdated?

It seems that there are many new games being made with Phaser, however the fact that the “Getting Started” instructions are outdated is discouraging. The getting started instructions for TypeScript are for VS 2013 (Using Phaser with TypeScript: Part 1 - Introduction - Learn - Phaser). The JavaScript instructions were posted on 2018, though I don’t know if they are up to date.

I had to dig for an hour on the Internet to find a working way to get started with Phaser (GitHub - ourcade/phaser3-parcel-template: Create Phaser 3 games at blazing speed with Parcel 🚀🎮📦).
The Github has a lot of activity. It might be that the website need a bit more love and care.

Maybe it would help to create an Open Source github repository for so that community could keep it up to date?

Getting started with Phaser 3 is current. The TypeScript guide isn’t.