[Phaser3] Perspective Image plugins

rexPerspecitveImage: Image with perspective rotation.

rexPerspectiveCard: A container with two perspective-images.

rexPerspectiveCarousel: A container with cards.

rexPerspectiveImageCarousel: Display list of images.


Amazing plugins as always rexrainbow!

Wanted to ask how, using the rexPerspectiveCarousel, is there a way for the behaviour of the cards to be modified?

I want to use the existing functionality, and also have a need to have the cards facing forwards even when the player rotates through them.

Is there a way to control the angle of rotation of the cards without writing a custom class?

Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

I have no idea how to rotate card within rexPerspectiveCarousel yet. Sorry this feature won’t be supported.