Problem with positioning of tilesheets

I have a problem with my tileSprites. I have a script that allows the “player” to move around the tilesheet area, which is “fixedToCamera”-but after moving from between around 3 seconds to a minute (it varies each time), I start getting an error message in the console “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot create property ‘x’ on number ‘NaN’”.
My code is here-
Go to the Console, select “Sources” and go to Scene1.js, that’s where I’m getting the error, around line 60. If you can find the issue, thank you very much!

I think you fixed it, but the problem was

// oops
houseWall -= 1;   // → NaN
houseWall.x -= 1; // → Cannot create property ‘x’ on number ‘NaN’

Yeah, I did fix it, but that was the solution, so I’ll mark it as correct. Thanks!