Remove pipeline

So I have a powerup in my game, (obviously a mushroom) that makes my player trip out. I’m using pipelines to make the camera change colors etc. However, when the state resets I get ‘pipeline exists’ warning, and if I use the powerup again, the camera just displays a square in the top right of the canvas until the timer runs up and resets. Is there a way I can remove the pipeline, or maybe use a boolean so that this doesn’t repeatedly add a new pipeline when the playstate restarts?

There is renderer.hasPipeline(name) and renderer.removePipeline(name).

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Well that solves my headache. I just removed the pipeline in update when my player’s health reaches 0, so that it will create it again when the state restarts without this error. Thanks as always samme.

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renderer ?

when i useing renderer.removePipeline(player[0])

renderer is not defined

this.renderer in a scene.