Should I use Phaser 3+Matter or Phaser 2+Box2D?

I would like to develop a platformer game like Sonic with physics engine.
I have bought Phaser 2+Box2D
I want to try Phaser 3+Matter, because Phaser 3 is new. but I think Box2D is many powerful physics engine.

Should I use Phaser 2+Box2D or Phaser 3+Matter??? Thank you very much.

I am still a Phaser 2 (CE) coder, and by the way discorvering Phaser 3

I haven’t tryed Matter yet but if you feel in ease with Box2D just go ahead. Phaser 2 (CE) and Phaser 3 are both maintained

I don’t know when we’ll stop maintaining Phaser 2 (CE) but at this time there is no problem

Thank you very much
I think Phaser 3 Arcade physic is very very good. easy to learn, easy to understand
It is really really better than Phaser 2
but when i using Phaser 3 + other physics … I want to cry…
My Tears on the ground, very sad, unhappy
Am i rubbish?

No you’re not, for instance am using aracade physics whatever the version is because i just like to code in this way, and I have no idea what matter physics is except the examples on the official site :sweat_smile:

Knowing that PhaserJS is a 2D framework with a lot of features

So for me when you feel in ease with something just do it until you feel your self able to pass the line :slightly_smiling_face:

To continue the story I have started to do some pixel arts and it’s so cool to know that have experimented arcade physics enugh to figure out how will look my games

Thanks,You are future, I am very happy