Since Retiring ... Game Dev.

Sept 7, 2016, I thought my life had ended. After 10 year as a College Professor and transferred into their Secondary Division of five High School Campus, ITT Technical Institute closed their doors via an EMAIL! To my fortune, University of Advance Technology (a college dedicated to game developers), let me teach for several years.

I’ve tried to remain positive and launched my game development books as quickly as possible. Today, I’ve several Phaser “Making Browser Games” Books to help newcomers into this framework.

Fast-forward to 2020, I have 265+ games, 25+ books how to build these games, 2 Theological books, and several websites, … in short, I’m working harder than ever.

Tomorrow is my 66th B-Day – I’ve outlived my earthly father by a year (He died at 65 + one week)! I keep thinking about “Colonel Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken” and how he started KFC, or even ABBA and their claim to fame! AND the time I nearly froze to death Feb 2008 … I will NEVER FORGET that “after-life” experience that told me, "You still have much to do " …

What I’ve learned from the “Promise Keepers 2020 Virtual Meeting” is this:

  1. Discover your native talents that God’s given you.
  2. Minister in the work you do.
  3. Make your daily tasks your “worship” to our Heavenly Father.

The Men’s Retreat dates are confirmed for Sept 11th-13th. God has shown favor on us and we will be given a 50% discount on our rate for 40 men will be $75 each for housing and food. Pastor Larson has agreed to lead in our second session of Energize Men’s Conference. Our job now is to:

  1. Invite lost men.
  2. Invite men who need energized or encouraged.
  3. Invite men who can help in counseling others.
  4. Register with the church office and pay the $75 fee.
  5. Start praying for lives to be changed by the Lord at this retreat.
  6. Prepare your heart in advance of this event with daily prayer.

I cant wait to get away in the woods to listen to Pastor Larson as he leads towards Christ as men!

In Christ,

Jeff Lakes


Prescott Pines Camp

855 E School House Gulch Rd, Prescott, AZ 86303

(928) 445-5225

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@PBMCube sorry, I can’t understand so fine your message, because of my limited english. But, for what I’ve seen of your contribs, you are a great game dev, for me, make 250+ games, shows that you are a man of action, and this also gives that you have good wises to share.

Doesn’t matter what you choose, or how do you take your life, just be like yours think is the “right”. You are a winner for can do what you always want to do.

So, happy birthday man, you was so old as my father hahaha

Thanks for your kind words.
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