[SOLVED] How can I implement a countdown that resets?

Hi Phaser friends,

I’m looking for a way to make a countdown reset when a player does something.
Say the player needs to find a matching item in a set time. If they succeed, the timer resets and a new challenge is set. If they fail, the timer runs out and they lose a life.

Any examples of a resettable timer I can use or any other advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

The logic should be fairly straight forward. There’s a delta parameter passed to a scene’s update method, which is how long in miliseconds since last update. So you could just …

var player = this.add.sprite(..);
// the counter we use to track how long the player has left to find item
var countdown = 0;
// scene update loop
function update(time, delta) {
    // only update the countdown if it's been set
    if (countdown >= 0) {
       // update the countdown
       countdown -= delta * 0.001; // subtract time in seconds
       // if the countdown is finished..
       if (countdown <= 0) {
          player.lose_a_life(); // < this also needs defining

All you have to do is remember to set the countdown timer to a positive value (in seconds) when the player picks up that first item. When the countdown runs out the condition is triggered and the player loses a life.

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Oh thank you! I’ll try it out and post my code when it works :slight_smile: