Welcome to Phaser 4

As the development of Phaser 4 has restarted in 2021, it was high time we created a forum specifically to talk about it. This is that place. Here are some handy links to get up to speed:

Phaser 4 GitHub repo: https://github.com/phaserjs/phaser

Phaser 4 Dev Examples repo: https://github.com/phaserjs/dev

Phaser 4 Examples Sandbox: https://phaserjs.github.io/dev/examples/live/

Phaser 4 Dev Logs:

April 2021
All about the new build tools, new sandbox, and how to get started.

June 2020
The new RenderPass and World 3D objects.

May 2020
Multiple Entry Points, Renderer Updates, Render Layers, Effect Layers, and more.

April 2020
Structural changes, mono packages, Farewell God classes, and Scenes.

March 2020
The new Render Cache, Input Mapping, tiny bundle sizes.

February 2020
Canvas support and the evolution of the WebGL Renderer.

December 2019
This dev log is mostly about Phaser 3 Matter Physics updates, but does have v4 updates, too :slight_smile:

November 2019
Experimenting with Pico.gl, drawcalls and texture fills.

September 2019
Discussing how coding with v4 will be very different compared to before.

Phaser 4 Development Process - August 2019
A long and exhaustive look at how Phaser 4 will be developed.

Phaser 4 Announcement Post - July 2019
The original announcement press release.