[WIP] Creating a Mobile Game from Scratch with Phaser 3


Episode 12 is READY! Procedurally Add Infinite Rooms to the Level

I’ve also added several info-graphics to this episode to explain the concepts. Hope you like it!


Episode 13 is LIVE! Create & Handle Walls Collision Detection

As the title says, we create & handle collision detection between the player and walls.


Hey @jamespierce
I was watching videos(great work bdw :slight_smile: ), i wonder something.

I wonder something i saw that you r destroying and creating new times everything it passes the camera view. Why dont you just set the positions of tiles and use them again ?


Hi @hcakar, thank you for your feedback! As the game is now, you are right, that would be absolutely possible! Arguably even the better approach.

The reason I ended up with this solution is because when I started work on the game, I wanted to add things like holes in the floor, or spikes on the ground, just generally things connected to a specific position on the floor grid. So I stuck to this logic that “each floor tile must be identified on the grid”, even though I didn’t need this system anymore :man_facepalming:

So yeah, good point! :smiley: And thanks for watching the videos, I’m always happy to hear when people find them helpful it’s such a motivation!


Episode 14 is LIVE! How to Handle Player Deaths

In this episode the player dies for the very first time, as we add the spikes that chase him down the cave!


Episode 15 is UPLOADED! Creating the Main User Interface

We create the main elements of the User Interface during gameplay, showing the player’s health, his current distance, and a pause button.


Thanks for these. I’ve jsut started with phaser (coming from a front end developer background) and this is an excellent guide to working with phaser and also setting up the entire project. The game runs perfect on my Galaxy s 5! Great work. Keep the videos coming!


Hi @philipgriffin thank you for your positive feedback! I am happy you are watching & following along. Since this is the first time I ever made such a series, I’m quite insecure in my earlier episodes. I think it improved a bit in my later episodes but I still have so much to learn about making videos. So that’s why feedback such as yours means the world to me, knowing that at least on average I’m doing it right and can continue!


Episode 16 is LIVE! Button Prefab for All Your Phaser 3 Games

This episode is unique in that you could watch it without following the series and still (hopefully) get something very useful out of it: a Button Prefab that you can use in all of your Phaser 3 games right now!

Video Link: https://youtu.be/SlADAfcqBZE


Just a quick update that I’m back on my Dev Blog creating the written summaries for this YouTube series! The written summaries are just that, a summary of the full video :blush: I’ve been so busy with the videos that I didn’t even notice time pass so fast and now I’m quite far behind.

Anyways, today I’ve continued where I left off and I will focus on pumping out these summaries over the next two weeks to completely catch up! Videos will still keep coming weekly of course.

Here is the newest summary post: Ep. 05 Main Menu - How to Make Mobile Games with Phaser 3


— 1 —

Episode 17 is DONE! How to Create a Pause Screen

Last episode we created the pause button and this episode we add the pause functionality, including the pause screen!

— 2 —

It appears that I cannot edit my very first, original post anymore… So I cannot add the newest episodes to the list… Sorry for the inconvenience, from what I’ve read I cannot do anything about it as a normal forum user.

So while the list may now indicate that I’ve stopped this series at Episode 16, please note this is NOT true! I keep adding episodes I just cannot edit the list in the opening post anymore.

Of course I will still keep adding the newest episode to the bottom of the thread (like here) :blush::+1:


New Video: How to Set Up a Phaser 3 Game - Re-Explained

Based on a request on Patreon & some questions in the Ep. 03 comments section, I created a much more detailed video to go over my Set Up Process for Phaser 3 games: https://youtu.be/UoJSfYtm5z0

I hope it helps and answers (some) of the questions!