A few questions about collisions (Phaser 3.24.1 + PhaserMatterCollisionPlugin) [RESOLVED]

Good day.

I am using Phaser 3.24.1 + PhaserMatterCollisionPlugin.
But i met one problem: how to add listener to collision with top bound?
I am able to set collision with this method
this.matter.world.on(‘collisionstart’, (event, bullet, topBound) => {
But. It is possible to set some listener to collision of top bound with every object?
I am trying to create a simple top-down shooter and want bullets must be destroyed when reached top bound.
Just if something touch bound, event is triggered?

And one question yet: it is possible to create collide groups for matter physics?



    this.topBound = this.matter.world.walls.top;   
        objectA: this.topBound,
        callback: event => {
            // handler