Best practices- GUI


Hi, I am creating a retro game and I want to use NES.css for styling in both the phaser game (canvas) and the UI elements for selecting levels, browsing players, etc (DOM). This is my first phaser game and I am not even sure exactly how to embed DOM elements or communicate between the two. Is there a guide or best practice for this? EZGUI doesn’t work with phaser 2.6.X and I haven’t had any luck searching online. I’d be happy to share a plugin or something integrating NES.css into phaser if I can get it working. Any general advice also appreciated.


You can a take look at on how to integrate HTML divs, buttons and text input to Phaser CE.


Thank you for replying, I am going to dive in and learn what I can from your example. Will probably post follow up questions in that thread too, it seems more active.