Catch the right numbers, shoot the enemy!

Hi everyone! This is the first game I have ever made. Thanks Phaser a lot! It’s a game where you have to calculate an addition math question in your head, then catch the right numbers in order to shoot the enemy. Hope you can check it out! Let’s see if you can win!
Shooting Numbers

P/s: Please give me feedback! I need it a lot! Thanks!!!

Hi @KhoiUna,
I had a performance problem (CPU 100%, ±60 seconds freeze screen) when the PlayScene starts.
Before the first update() call, the game remains running the create() function in a loop.
When the update() was called for first time, the array initbulleNumArr already contained 6166 elements.
Is very weird, maybe is a bug.


P.S.: In your case, I think is a good idea to use a physics group for the bullets and reuse them. In this way you only need one object collider (sprite vs group). Remember that colliders are not destroyed when you destroy the bullets.

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Thanks @jjcapellan . That’s the problem that I cannot figure it out!