Change the scene for one player in an online multiplayer game

Hello everyone,

Im kinda new using Phaser3, but Im developing an online multiplayer game. Big part of the game is already done, but Im having an issue trying to change scenes for only one player without afect the game for the other players.

For now Im managin all the change scenes very well: they switch back and forth correctly the tilemaps works as expected and the collisions are good as well. But if more that one player is in the game, when one of them chage the map (scene) the other player(s) loses the collisions and things of the map they are to use the ones of the map the first player went or the ones of the las map (scene) charged by the game. Does that make sense?

Do anyone know how to manage it? Im using ws (websockets), by the way.

I have’nt been able to find anything about this, it would be awesome if you can help…


Are you running Phaser on the server?