Chromium Renderer Memory Usage


I am using phaser to create a gameobject on the fly for some simple animations sequences. I destroy the game object when the animations are completed and go back to the regular page layout until a game/animation is triggered again. It seems the Chrome renderer memory usage goes up with every play until chrome finally crashes. The page is displayed in incognito with no caching so everything is loaded for each play as it is needed.

Does anyone see a problem with this approach? Should game.destroy be taking care of clearing everything from the previous play? Is there any issues with using the game object in a global scope as long as destroy is being used properly?

Based on some digging it looks like game.destroy may of not been fully implemented on the version I was using (3.11) but I switched to 3.16.2 and it still persists.



Perhaps if we look at your code, we can better talk about this problem (Sequence definition and deletion section ).