Clearing all objects at once when level ended?

I see Phaser.Stage is sort of a game objects container. It has three methods for removing objects like removeChild, removeChildAt(index), removeChildren(begin, end). But these need numeric indexes to work.
I was wondering if Phaser.Stage is appropriate class to clear all objects at once when level is finished (If a level is of type Phaser.State)?
Should I use Phaser.World instead which has method like removeAll() ?
Or maybe I call Phaser.Stage.destroy() method?

Would removal be instant looking? Or it will be noticeable like a own “foreach” loop? :slight_smile:

By the way, the Phaser CE documentation doesn’t show a “group” parameter in the Phaser.World.removeAll() method.

I think;

will do it.

Documentation says, it is destroyer of worlds

It will clear a single level (Phaser.State), or everything?

It destroys all the game objects inside and empties the world.