Clickable area of button is above the button

Hello! I’m having trouble with the clickable area of my buttons moving above the location where the button is at on the screen. The buttons are fine when I first open the game. The tricky part about this issue is that it only occurs when the user leaves index.html, where the game is at, and goes to another html page such as the how to play page. After returning to index.html, the clickable area for every button is above the actual image in every scene and the only way to resolve the problem is to empty cache and hard reload. If anyone has ever encountered anything like this, or better yet has a solution, I’d really appreciate any advice.

Below is an image demonstrating the issue. The cursor is on the expert mode button, but the how to play button is selected because each of the clickable areas have moved up.

I thought that I would share that I have discovered a solution to this problem in case that anyone else ever runs into this issue. I just added this into my game configurations and I no longer have any button issues.