Create world bound into unlimited?


hello here

is that possible to create world bound into unlimited? I want to make a game with movement camera, and the camera always moves forward.


It is what is called parallaxed background, the last post I’ve seen in phaser world that is using this technique is but unfortunately they haven’t shared the code maybe it’s still possible that you take a look into the source (right click view source)


thanks for reply @nazimboudeffa

I want to make like this:

so I think it also uses a camera, besides parallax background. Do you have a suggestion for that game?


Just remembered that there is a thread actually with a lot of ressources to learn how to develop a Phaser 3 game that uses the parallaxed background technique, I don’t find the entry but you can look at the trailer and search on his blog

#5 = null;

will let the camera scroll without limit.


thanks… will test and report later :slight_smile: