Creating a ramp?

Hi all. Phaser 3 newbie here. I just went through the first tutorial and now have a little purple (monkey?) running around a sky with some green platforms.

For my actual game the “map” is going to be the cutaway of a 4-story house, so you are looking into the house as if the side of the house facing you was removed. I want the user to be able to walk up the stairs and down them. However, I don’t want the player to have to jump up and down the steps. Instead I want the steps to be treated as a smooth ramp tilted at a 30 degree angle so they just “glide” up and down i.t

My thought was to to take something like the green bars in the tutorial, tilt them at a angle to match the angle of the stairs in the background, and then make their color transparent so you couldn’t seem them. I’m hoping this creates the illusion of going up and down the stairs but as I said, as a smooth continuous ramp, not stairs you have to jump up/down.

I looked at some of the Tiled editor stuff and that seems to be a lot of busywork just to make a ramp. In contrast I found this post in 2017 from someone who showed some code on how to do a ramp using Phase 2:

In the example he uses a single sprite named “ramp” that is positioned at an angle. This seems to be exactly what I want to do, but his example doesn’t seem to be complete (e.g. - what should the “config” variable look like, etc.), and I don’t know how to do this in Phaser 3. Is this the easiest way to create a ramp and if so, how can I make it work in Phaser 3? I’m using the latest GitHub repo in my own fork.

Or should I be using Phaser 2? If so, please link me to the best tutorial/docs page to get started building a ramp.