Custom built phaser.js file doesn't work

Hi, I want to build my own custom phaser.js file.

I cloned this repo: and I entered the following commands in the terminal:

npm install
npm update phaser
npm run buildfull

Everything went fine and new files were created in the “dist” folder. The problem is that the built files are not working correctly. They work fine in included test projects but they don’t work in my game. I tried to compare official 3.19 distribution files with files I generated and they are a little bit different (my files are a little bit smaller and their content has some differences). The official 3.19 phaser.js works perfectly in my game.

Did I anything wrong or are there some problems in the phaser3-custom-build repo? I’ve noticed that the repo is for Phaser 3.16.2 and has not been updated for 4 months.


Hey @NokFrt you could try my project here:

It is based on a webpack build, and webpack and babel are all up to date, as well as other tools like lodash and so on. This might be overkill for your needs, but you can just delete files you do not need.

I just updated it to phaser 3.18 this evening and will update to 3.19 very soon.
here’s a demo of it going:

I hope that helps dude!

Yo @NokFrt, I don’t know if you’re still around or not but I updated that to 3.19.0 today.