Dom video fullscreen

Hi, i’m working on a scene with a dom video, and i am using the controls from the html api, i noticed the fullscreen does not work, i try to click it and the video goes fullscreen and go back imediately, is there any thing i can do to allow the video to stay fullscreen? Here is some basic configurations.
PS: My English is a working in progress.

var config = {
type: Phaser.CANVAS,
parent: ‘phaser-example’,
width: 800,
height: 600,
fullscreenTarget: ‘main_wrapper’,
dom: {
createContainer: true
scene: {
preload: preload,
create: create

var game = new Phaser.Game(config);

function preload ()


function create ()
var video = document.createElement(‘video’);

video.src = 'assets/video/video.mp4';
video.width = 800;
video.height = 450;
video.controls = true;
video.autoplay = true;

var element = this.add.dom(400, 300, video);


Not sure - mine allows fullscreen, but I use an html page (simple w/ video control) and then manipulate the .src from within Phaser. But, fwiw, here’s what it looks like:

Maybe you need to add the type?