DragEnd event not firing everytime

Hi guys,
DragEnd event is not working all time. You can check the attached link which is phaser lab example for drag event. If we drag fast dragend is not firing most of the time.
Don’t know if this is a bug.(I am using Phaser 3.17)

Example for drag

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So dragend listener is working fine in 3.16.2, So definitely it broke in v3.17

Hey @madclaws, It’s working for me, on drag_end it’s clearing the tint. Can you try it out again ? :slight_smile:

Yeah its clearing the tint, but when we try to drag fast and drop, dragend was only working sometimes

Maybe it’s because it’s online, I’m working with same examples on my local, it’s working quite okey :slight_smile:

Okay, which Phaser version are you using?

online and local both v3.17.0

Similar problem for me, when I create an interactive object and add “pointerdown” listener to it. If I move mouse pointer fast over this interactictive object it stops receiving the attached event. If the mouse pointer stops moving and I click the mouse button - the interactive object receives pointerdown mouse event perfectly. This problem happened in the latest Phaser 3.17 version, in the previous version everything worked fine!

It’s a known 3.17 bug; I believe Richard is looking into it. I can recreate with quick drag/drops, or clicking/releasing while the pointer is moving. I’ve tested on Mac, iOS, and Android (but not PC).

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Thank you so much for pointing this out. I’ve been rearranging code for a week. I switched back to Phaser 3.16.2 and everything is working perfect again.