Examples from the "Discover Phaser 3" book in TypeScript

Could I publish here examples from the “Discover Phaser”? If not, please, delete this theme. I do not want to have problems with author of the book.

I want to rewrite the examples to Phaser 3 and TypeScript. Maybe it will be useful for beginners who read the book.

2.3 - First Project: Playground


If I were you, before publishing anything, I would contact the book author and ask him permission to do this.

I think he won’t like it, but just asking him to know for sure.


I found this information in his book:

Please do not distribute or share this book without permission.

He does not write about code examples. Only about the book. I do not copy them from the book. I rewrite his examples to Phaser 3 and TypeScript.

GitHub repo with example in instruction how to compile TS-files: https://github.com/8Observer8/discover-phaser-typescript

3.1 - Empty Game