Gamepad help

Everyone, I’m running into an issue with the gamepad, and I need to understand it better. My goal is to have the gamepads activated one time, in a lobby scene and then use the selected controls in the next game scene. I want to have the options of keyboard, GP1, GP2 for controls, and the players can select what they want and then start the game.

The problem I run into is that it does not seem to carry over the events from the previous scene for updating the button status on it’s value. Even stranger, when I check the Gamepad plugin, it shows the pad there and enabled. But, when I check total, or try to get length of gamepads, it comes back as zero. If I call pad1 directly, even though GamepadPlugin shows it there, it comes back as undefined. (I was checking console.log)

I am getting desperate enough to think of just working around it, but I feel like it should be something that works, so I must be missing it.

How should I have it work with gamepads with multiple scenes when I want them to register the single time. If I could get unique ids for them, I could easily work around it, but once the players choose their GP, it needs to remain the same one for the next scene.

I still would love to get a better idea of using the Phaser Gamepad here, but I just stopped using it, and when directly to the navigator.getGamepads() and update my own gamepad class with that in each loop. Works fine.

Hello if you want to use a gamepad you have a lib named contro on npm ^^

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Very nice! I’m definitely going to give this a try, thanks for resurrecting this post :slight_smile: