Get reference to overlapped group element


I have a group of batteries and a player. I want to check if player overlapped a battery:

var isOverlapping =, batteries, null, null, this);
if (isOverlapping) {
    //reference to overlapped battery ??

But how to get reference element of batteries group which I overlapped with?
I can’t use common method like game.physics.arcade.overlap and that handle callback because I do all this not in game loop.


In this example we see how to add an element to a group

AFAIK, if your group is called batteries the overlap method should fires on every element of the group, but to get a specifical battery it has to be referenced somewhere

So to continue on this way I think you have to look at the space invaders example on the site because it kills one ship at a time but am not sure it uses’s the group method


Use the arguments passed to overlapCallback.


Thank you!