Has anyone successfully uploaded a zip file created with Phaser to Facebook playable ads?

I created an ad using Phaser and uploaded it to Google Ads successfully. However, there is a problem when uploading Facebook playable ads.
My zip file meets all conditions in the upload terms.
However, when uploading, a problem appears to arise from the part where the image is loaded in preload() within the scene.
In preload(), the resource upload loading bar is implemented graphically. In the ad demo preview, the graphic appears, but the value of the loading bar does not increase. In other words, it seems that resource loading is not progressing.
So, I created a sample zip file excluding the phaser library and tested it. The source consists of index.html, one js file, and one png file. In the js file, graphics, text, and images are drawn on the canvas.
If you upload this zip file to fb playable ads, the graphics and text are drawn well in the demo preview, but the image is not exposed.
My goal is for the advertisement of the zip file using phaser to be uploaded successfully.
If anyone is successful, please help.