Help with phaser 1.1.3 game not working on iphone

Hi everyone, new to the forums and new to phaser. I have been assigned a task to ‘freshen up’ an old phaser v 1.1.3 game that was built in 2015.

My task initially was to look at the design and to add some other functionality such as saving of high scores etc. But now a problem has arisen, the game won’t start on iPhone, regardless of browser.

I realize this is a hail Mary, as the code is deprecated, but I wanted to see if any of you have experience with this version and iPhone?

The problem more specific is that the game utilities a touch to start function, by touching anywhere on the game canvas, the game begins. This works well on desktop for pc and mac and on android.

The game it self is a flappy bird clone.

If anyone is interested in helping me, i can pm the link to the game.

Thanks in advance, Chris