How can I make the fire explode in the shape of a cross

I am reviving the bomberman and I stay in the part where the fire appears I can only generate the animation of the center, I need to generate all the animation of the fire at the same time, I have each animation in a json with its corresponding animation (left, right, center , down and up) I do not know how to put all the animations at the same time and show the explotion in the shape of a cross.

example of what I want: Bomberman

The examples that I found are in typewritten and it is in “Chinese” xd

If someone is kind to help me in the simplest way since I do not have much experience in programming, this is my code: bomberman - CodeSandbox

You have to use 5 sprites (1 for each tile location) and 5 animations.

The center uses frames bomb_0.png through bomb_3.png.

The bottom uses frames bomb_4.png through bomb_7.png, etc.

You can use generateFrameNames() to select these frames.

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Thank, The last one, how can I adapt the body to the sprite or at least that I only take the fire nothing else?

Adapt how?

I want the body to have the shape of the fire or did you see that this can be done with matter but I don’t have much experience.

If you use 5 fire sprites, you can give each one a body.

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thanks and sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile: today is saturday better i am going to have a coffee and not think about anything for today

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