How do you store values on an external server?


I made a game and when the game is over, i would like to store the parameter (x and y positions) of this game to know if an another player could resolve this game.

How do you proceed to do that…?

i need to store the value on a server
get theses values to others players…

Have you lin k about that ?

Perhaps this can help you

Hi tanks for the link but il it possible to store others values like x,y position?

I never tried this plugin, but there is extraData for your purpose
Post score
//, extraData)
//, extraData, timestamp)
    .then(function(record) { })
    .catch(function(error) { })
  • score : A number, scores will be sorted descend.
  • extraData : Extra data in JSON format.

Welcome to the realm of server-side IT.

There are several ways to do this:
AJAX from OR
Application Markup Language

You’re at a point that you need to start learning server-side (i.e., “infrastructure” ) middleware … such as PHP, ASP, .NET, PYTHON, and (the list goes on) …

Unfortunately, all these technologies are migrating toward Cloud Service, DevOps, and Server-less environments. Yes, you still need to understand “middle-ware” to use any of them.

I would suggest “where to start and how to begin” with this chart … BUT I’M ALWAYS DELETED FROM THIS FORUM FOR MY HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS. I recommend a quick google search on “Headless HTML5 Game Design” or “Making RPG Browser Games Content-as-a-Service” .

I have another firebase plugins, File, to save player’s private data.

jquery-ajax / php might be your best bet there - get ready for some extra hours if that’s from scratch