How to load source of game in Phaser Editor?


Hello guys,

I’ve got a multiplayer, websocket + nodeJS game and I still got all the source files.
Now I know this was made in phaser back in the days and I’m wondering how I can load this game in the editor so I can finnish the game off?

How can I add all the files into the Phaser Editor 2.0? I really want to edit the game.


Try to tweet them your forum entry maybe you’ll have a direct answer from the devs :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Michael_Wittouck,

Is the initial game made with the Phaser Editor? Is the game made with Phaser 2? You are posting on the Phaser 2 forums so I guess yes, it is a game made with Phaser 2. In that case, you cannot use Phaser Editor v2, because it only supports Phaser 3.

To edit a game made with Phaser 2 you need Phaser Editor v1.


@PhaserEditor2D is it possible to open this game without having the template file from the editor? I still got all the source so.


I do not understand your question. You don’t need a template to open the game in the editor. You only need the project. Look if the folder of the source has a .project file. You can take a screenshot of the folder structure and paste it here to see. Do you see a WebContent folder?


Try by importing the project:

File > Import > General > Existing Projects into Workspace

Then select the source folder.

@Michael_Wittouck, remember you need to use the right version of the editor.



I don’t see a .project file… So now I can’t edit the game or?



It looks like there is not a game made with Phaser Editor. Actually, I don’t see any index.html file, what is very strange in Phaser game.

What I recommend is to create a new Phaser Editor project and copy your game files inside the WebContent folder.

By the way, just copy the game files, because I see there are other files related to a server side, you could keep the server files in other project.


This are the game files:


It could be a Phaser Editor project, however, I don’t see a WebContent folder. Try by importing that project at that folder.

You can create a new project in the editor to see how is the common structure. It has a WebContent folder that is the one contains the index.html file.