How to show Tilemap animated tiles in Phaser game?

Hello, I would like to create a simple platformer game using Phaser 3 and Tiled.

I create level and animated some tiles in Tiled(for example waterfall).
It can show the animated tiles in Tiled

but it can’t show in Phaser game.
it display a static image in game…

Is it possible to show animated tiles in Phaser ??
Thank you very much

There is a plugin for tile animation

Really thank you for the reference

it work fine for me:

function preload ()
        this.load.tilemapTiledJSON('map', 'assets/map.json');
        this.load.image('super-mario-16bit', 'assets/super-mario-16bit.png');
        this.load.scenePlugin('AnimatedTiles', '', 'animatedTiles', 'animatedTiles');   

    function create ()
        let map = this.make.tilemap({
            key: 'map'
        let tileset = map.addTilesetImage("map");
        let layer1 = map.createDynamicLayer("test", tileset, 0, 0);
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Still kind of new to phaser, does this still work with the new version of phaser? It would be cool if someone would send a working github example project that uses this plugin.