HUD scene - Multiple Scenes

I have an item bar scene that contains a transparent overlay and takes up about 10% of the bottom of the game screen.

I have the scene and can load it but when I do start it, the entire scene overlays with a black background and I can’t the scene underneath.

I have tried with just scene.start (though I’m sure this stops the other scene) and scene.add(‘key’,{},true);

Are there any other examples other than the phaser examples as they don’t seem to be helping me on this one.


By default, Phaser scenes with nothing in them and no camera background color are completely transparent.

You have to add a scene before starting it, but you can add all scenes in the game config. That’s the simplest way.

I’ll look for examples.

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Thanks, exactly what I needed, as usual!

Just to be explicit…

scene.start(key, {}) ==> kill the current and start the next.

scene.launch(key, {}) ==> keep the current scene running and runs launched scene in parrallel.

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