I need trace coordinates of each sprite after multiple animations

The player can put many dynamit bombs in diffrent directions:

if (Phaser.Input.Keyboard.JustDown(keySPACE))
sprite_dynamit = dynamit_group.create(crd.bomb_x, crd.bomb_y, ‘dynamit’) .setOrigin(0,0)

then animation of explosion plays:
sprite_dynamit.anims.play(“vzryv”, true);

and after animation has finished i call function :
sprite_dynamit.on(‘animationcomplete’, function go_vzryv ()
window.console.info(" explosion !");

window.console.info('sprite_dynamit_x : ’ , sprite_dynamit.x , ’ sprite_dynamit_y : ’ , sprite_dynamit.y);

} , this)

The problem is coordinates sprite_dynamit.x, sprite_dynamit.y for all bombs the same as in last created sprite object.

I need somehow obtain diffrent coordinates for each bombs after multiply bomb explosions.

Is there any simple solution of this problem or I have to manually trace every sprite of bomb object to get it correct coordinates ?