I want to make a whatsapp group for quick and easy help for mainly Phaser2/CE but Phaser3 as well


So… Forums is amazing, but sometimes you need just a simple fast hint to progress in whatever you’re doing. My idea is to make a whatsapp group because of this needs.

But It will not work with a group full of beginners like me rsrsrs
We’ll need help of experienced people of both version (Phaser2/CE/3)

I don’t know if this is allowed cuz a group kinda have the same purposes of this forum, so, I’m asking if this is allowed, if this is a good idea and if has someone experienced to help us beginners to make this group work.

(I’m learning English yet kkkkkk so… sorry if I made a mistake :slight_smile: )

grateful for the attention :smile:


It is always good to not be coding alone and socialize around games specially Phaser, this is the most important advice we can agree on it

The official community links are referenced in this page https://phaser.io/community please make it clear that it’s not an official phaser group on whatsapp

I had the same issue with the hashtag page on facebook and we agree with Richard Davey that it must be clear that it is not official

One you created it, it can be interesting to post back the link in this thread to see who is interested


PS : I don’t use whatsapp


Thank you very much!

I’ll make it and post the link here :wink:


Here’s the link of the group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/F6xX0evU1ptKDsCxYlGITD

It needs people that knows Phaser to guide those with questions and difficulties.

So… As quickly as possible we invite those who knows it well that will be glad to contribute with this idea. :wink:


Why not just use Slack or Discord? Both of which have several thousand members already.


I’m creating for Brazilian ones too, here we don’t use this two, rarely I find a brazilian using discord or slack

And It’s good to have groups in multi-platforms, people have preferences


Maybe it’s a language issue, even if imo practicing english when you’re not native speaker is very good for a foreigner like me that speaks French as a first language

I’ve learned a lot and improved my eglish level on slack for many years now even if I am likely to speak American english then Britsh :smiley:


Yeah maybe
But some Brazilian give up when they don’t find a good resource in Portuguese
Unfortunately some Brazilians don’t like English


Yep that’s what I am saying @Vinnyreis it’s okey :slightly_smiling_face: just say it is not an official group but a fan club or something like this and I think photonstorm will be happy to see that people are coding games in Portuguease

If you find a better noun then “fan club” please let me know :smiley:


Haha “Phaser2/CE/3📚NON OFFICIAL” Simple but efficient rsrs


We already have two people in the group, we talked a little bit and It seems that will work.
Of course we need more people (Especially who knows Phaser well)
I need to publish the link in somewhere