Image Resolution Question

I am completely new when it comes to anything to do with images.

The problem I am stuck in is I have a very very large sprite sheet that will be used to create a level. It’s about 4096 x 2084. So each tile ends up about 256 x 256.

What is the best way to get that down in size?

I have tried to split all the tiles, then reduce the quality then stitch them back together as a sprite sheet but when I do I get some issues with lines appearing in the tiles.

I tried to extrude the tiles but that did not help.

I also cannot directly share the images I am using.

Reduce the size for what?

You can probably scale down the whole sprite sheet (0.5 or 0.25) unless it has odd margin/spacing values.

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Just scaling the image down?

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Thank you both! I’ll give both a try and see how I get on.