Importing phaser and rexui plugin into ionic / angular

I am porting an old game into ionic / angular, Everything was going well until I tried to import the rexui plugin,

I installed rexui using npm with the following command - npm i phaser3-rex-plugins

As soon as I import the rexui plugin with the following statement:

import UIPlugin from ‘phaser3-rex-plugins/templates/ui/ui-plugin.js’;

I get the following error:

Error: node_modules/phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/gameobjects/shape/customprogress/CustomProgress.d.ts:24:15 - error TS2430: Interface ‘import(“…/…/node_modules/phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/gameobjects/shape/customprogress/CustomProgress”).default.IConfig’ incorrectly extends interface ‘import(“…/…/node_modules/phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/gameobjects/shape/customshapes/CustomShapes”).default.IConfig’.

[ng] Types of property ‘update’ are incompatible.
[ng] Type ‘((this: CustomProgress) => void) | undefined’ is not assignable to type ‘((this: CustomShapes) => void) | undefined’.
[ng] Type ‘(this: CustomProgress) => void’ is not assignable to type ‘(this: CustomShapes) => void’.
[ng] The ‘this’ types of each signature are incompatible.
[ng] Type ‘CustomShapes’ is missing the following properties from type ‘CustomProgress’: centerX, centerY, radius, value, and 7 more.
[ng] 24 interface IConfig extends CustomShapes.IConfig {
[ng] ~~~~~~~
[ng] :heavy_multiplication_x: Failed to compile.

Has anyone used rexui plugin with ionic?

Fixed d.ts file in latest commit. NPM package will be upgraded at middle or end of this month.

Hi Rex

I installed Rex UI using npm…

npm i phaser3-rex-plugins

I am getting the following error:

[ng] Error: node_modules/phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/utils/types/CanvasGameObjectBase.d.ts:77:42 - error TS2694: Namespace ‘Phaser.GameObjects.Components’ has no exported member ‘FX’.
[ng] 77 preFX: Phaser.GameObjects.Components.FX | null;
[ng] ~~
[ng] Error: node_modules/phaser3-rex-plugins/plugins/utils/types/CanvasGameObjectBase.d.ts:78:43 - error TS2694: Namespace ‘Phaser.GameObjects.Components’ has no exported member ‘FX’.
[ng] 78 postFX: Phaser.GameObjects.Components.FX;

Latest version of npm package is for phaser3.60.0. Uses version 1.1.85 if you are using phaser3.55.2.