Infinite Runner in Phaser 3 with TypeScript [Free Book]

We’ve got a free book at Ourcade for those looking to get started with TypeScript and Phaser 3:

This is intended for those more advanced than beginners. We create an infinite runner game in 11 chapters over 90 pages. It is similar to Jetpack Joyride.

TypeScript tends to help add more safety and clarity to your code by default so that you can make bigger and more complex games.

We cover using features and concepts like enums, basic state machine, infinite scrolling, object pools, and more!

For beginners, we also have the Infinite Jumper in Phaser 3 with Modern JavaScript book:


Appreciate your considerable effort to provide a 64-page FREE book! I read the entire thing and enjoyed the straight explanations and easy-read format. I even picked up a tip or two that I wasn’t aware of on animations as a potential solution for something I working on.


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Glad to hear it! :hugs: