Issue with Loader -> Html Example in Phaser 3

Hello everyone.

This is my first post here. I’m not sure if there is a more dedicated place for posting issues/bugs we may find.

The bug has to do with this example:\loader\html\load%20html%20to%20texture.js

So I came up to this issue:

  1. In Chrome browser from latest version till version 3.12 it doesn’t display the html file ( although in the network tab it seems to be loaded )
    If I switch to version 3.11 it loads fine.
    If I edit the code and replace this.load.html with this.load.htmlTexture, it works fine in the latest versions.
  2. In Safari browser unfortunately doesn’t seem to work neither of the previously found solutions.

The only difference I could find in the network tab while debugging with Chrome was that in version 3.11 it loads an extra blob file which in latest versions didn’t.
If I use htmlTexture ( which works for Chrome ) the blob appears again.

Hope this helps you in a way :heart:

Sorry if this isn’t the place for reporting issues/bugs